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  Photo Bob Flexner ~ Understanding Wood Finishing

Artisan Woodworkers, of the south, was founded, 1989 by  Gerald "Gerry" Thurston. A 3rd generation craftsman, he was taught at an early age the skills of cabinetry and fine woodworking.

 Gerry's grandfather, Loral Thurston, was a school teacher, and antique furniture restoration specialist. Gerry's father, Raymond, a professional cabinetmaker, furniture artisan and homebuilder, spent his career doing what he loved, working with fine woods. Gerry, always a hobbyist in fine woodworking, is a retired IBM business partner involved in developing  computer communications software.   He is now doing what he loves, bringing his ability together with the skills of other talented artisans. Whether its caning a chair seat, carving a replacement parts for your favorite antique, or restoring an heirloom, to the original finish, maintaining and/or recreating the original patina is the goal. The affiliate craftsman and artisans are members of local Woodworking Guilds and Art Associations in Georgia and worldwide. The pool of talent is quite diverse and has the skills to tackle those near impossible restoration projects. Gerry, a qualified antique furniture appraiser, is also a member of the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association and the Woodworkers Guild of Georgia. He has attended and taught numerous classes, specialty courses and seminars for restoration and preservation. What he cannot do directly for you, his affiliates are available and anxious to assist.